Police Have Unearthed An Important Witness Who Will Give Evidence At the Next Sitting of the MacRobbie Tragedy Inquest

Tinsmith Who Assisted to Repair Punctured Tire Corroborates the Story That It Was After Midnight Before the Tragedy Was Discovered

Further evidence that screams were heard coming from the Crescent Oil building shortly after 11 o’clock last Sunday night was discovered by the police investigating the MacRobbie tragedy today when they found another woman who heard cries for help.

This woman who with her 14 year-old son, was passing the place is quite certain about the time, because the clock in the Hess street school tower struck 11 just as she was leaving the home of her sister’s to where she heard the cries for help, about which both she said her boy are quite positive. Her description of the calls tallies almost exactly with the story told by Mrs. Powis at the inquest.

This new witness will be put on the stand next Friday night.


One of the most puzzling features connected with the tragedy is the conflicting statements made by witnesses regarding the time that the tragedy was discovered and the time that Harry Bell was summoned to the scene. Asselstine has sworn that it was immediately after Hynes and Dornan, called and asked to see Smith at 11:30 that he made the discovery. He claimed to have phoned to Harry Bell at Smith’s home at 11:30. Harry Bell has sworn that it was 11:50 before he received the message from Asselstine, and Mrs. Smith corroborates that statement.

Hynes and Dornan emphatically assert that it was after 12 o’clock before they went to the Crescent Oil Company’s office, and state that they both noticed the time particularly because the clock in the tower on the Hess street school struck 12 as they stood on the corner of Bay and Cannon streets, just before going to the factory.

This statement of the time by Hynes and Dornan is corroborated by C. V. Scott, tinsmith, 107 North Caroline street, who said this morning: “Asselstine came to me and said, “I wish you would run this car in the yard for me if it’s not too late.” I looked at my watch and replied, “It’s early yet – only 12 o’clock.” I helped him run the car in the alley, then Dornan and Hynes arrived and asked for Smith. I went away then and did not hear or see anything that happened after that. I did not hear any singing or other noises from the building.”


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