But Doctors Refuse to State Their Nature or Extent

MacRobbie Tragedy is Still Exciting Lively Interest

Ever, according to the authorities in charge of the MacRobbie tragedy mystery, in the history; of inquests in the city, has there been observed greater exactitude in perfecting even the most minute details of a post mortem examination than is being exercised by Dr. Langs and Parry, who performed the autopsy on the doctor’s remains, in making out their report. Consequently, neither Coroner McNichol or Crown Attorney Washington have as yet been officially informed of the results of the medical probe, and the doctor refuse to make any statement regarding what they discovered.

However, the two examining doctors made an important statement this morning regarding the condition of Dr. MacRobbie’s body.

“Not to that extent.” Replied Dr. Langs, when he was asked: Is it a fact that Dr. MacRobbie’s body was badly bruised and battered and showed considerable signs of violence, indicating that he had been struck, kicked or knocked about just previous to his death.”

When the same question was put to Dr. Parry he also replied, “Not to such an extent at that.”

Asked if the body had been bruised and battered, Dr. Parry answered, “Not very much.”


It was learned today that the police have further evidence to show that J. J. McAuliffe, one of the three men held as material witness was not just merely intoxicated, but paralyzed drunk on the night of the tragedy; that McAuliffe, Smith and Scott and MacRobbie were together previous to the time that the doctor received his death wound, and that McAuliffe did not know until the next morning when he was brought up in the court that MacRobbie was dead.

When Constable Fielding in charge of the detention room at the time, went to unlock McAuliffe’s cell preparatory to taking him upstairs to the dock, the prisoner enquired: “Where are MacRobbie, Smith and Scott?”

The manner in which McAuliffe received the news of MacRobbie’s fate – according to the police his surprise and sorrow was unforced and natural and undoubtedly genuine – has convinced the authorities that he did not know or at least did not realize even that the doctor had been hurt by the police the next morning. McAuliffe is reported to have brushed his hand across his eyes in the manner of one just awaking from a disagreeable dream and remarked more to himself that to the officers: “I can’t remember anything about what happened last night.”


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