It Would Go a Long Way Towards Solving the MacRobbie Problem

Other Clues and Theories Are Being Closely Followed in the Difficult Case

While no further clues have been unearthed in the MacRobbie case, the police are still working along several theories, which, it is hoped, may lead to some definite point in the solution of the mystery. The report that two men were heard to dash away in a buggy a few moments after the cries for help were heard, coming from the upstairs room of the Crescent Oil Company, is considered of great import, and it is being thoroughly investigated by Detective Sayer. As yet he has been unable to discover the identity of the two men, but, if they can be found and put in the witness stand, they could shed considerable light on the tragedy, the officer feels. One of the most mysterious facts in connection with the death of Dr. MacRobbie, is that no evidence of what all four men were doing in the stockroom of the Oil Company, on the night of the physician’s death, has been found. While the three men now in custody – Smith, McAuliffe and Scott – had all been drinking, no bottles were found in the room. Several, it is true were found behind the bathroom tub, while a couple were also found outside the rear window, having apparently been thrown out and smashed on the ground. The police are of the opinion that while a carousal of some kind was in progress on the night in question, the men may have occupied their time in some other way, as yet unknown. It seems improbable that they would repair to an upper room of the building merely for the purpose of indulging in a few drinks.

It has been rumored around town that Dr. MacRobbie, just prior to his death, won a large sum of money. The supposition has been made that there may have been a card game going on the night of MacRobbie’s death, but although the police have been working on this theory, they have found no evidence to substantiate it. If it was the case, all evidence of an implicating nature must have been cleared out before the arrival of the police. It is believed that men with the horse and buggy who were heard to leave the building, hurriedly, may have assisted in this connection.

In the piece of blood-stained moulding the police believe they have a most important bit of evidence. This likely weapon has been forwarded to Ottawa for the purposes of examining the fingerprints. These are quite discernable and stand out distinctly, as if it was clutched tightly by someone with both hands. It is quite apparent that the hands of the person who handled the stick where soiled, as ´the imprints of the fingers are quite easy, it is said, to decipher.

If the reports of the physicians who are working on the case show that the wounds on the back of the doctor’s skull were caused by a blow and the authorities are able to find the person whose finger prints correspond with the impressions upon the moulding, they will have gone a long way towards the ultimate solution of the problem.

Dr. Jaffrey, the city bacteriologist, who has been retained by the Crown to give expert evidence on the blood strains found on the floor and on several other articles, stated this morning that he had made no attempt to analyze the blood found on the weapon. This will not be done, he said, until it had been presented for inspection by the jury.

The examination of the dead man’s stomach has been completed, and while it is generally understood that Dr. MacRobbie had been drinking immediately prior to his death, there is nothing to show that the liquor he had consumed was “doped.” The police were working along this line believing that the whiskey he drank may possibly have been doctored for some ulterior motive.

M. J. O’Relly, K. C., is in Toronto today with the object of securing the release of his client in the MacRobbie’s case, J.J. McAuliffe on being refused at the police court.


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