By Means of Them the Police Hope to Clear Up Some Points in Connection With the Tragedy of a Week Ago Sunday Night

Heavy Stick Found In the Death Chamber Sent To Ottawa For Expert Examination By Dominion Police Mystery Still Unsolved

In order that the stained, spattered and indented piece of wooden molding found near the body of Dr. MacRobbie on the night of the tragedy in the Crescent Oil company office may be examined by finger-print experts this important exhibit has been sent to Col. Sr. Perey Sherwood, head of the Dominion Police Service at Ottawa. This examination will, according to the local authorities, show how the stick was held – whether it was grasped tightly and firmly, which would have been the case if it were used as a lethal weapon or merely picked up and handled casually after the tragedy in such a manner as to become stained with what is supposed to be the doctor’s blood. This stain and the spots on the molding will be analyzed by Dr. Jaffrey of the city hospital staff, but several doctors have already expressed the opinion that they are blood.

The fingerprints of McAuliffe, Scott and Smith have already been taken and filed away for future reference at police headquarters.


An entirely new line of investigation into the tragedy has been opened up by the discovery of witnesses who claim to have heard two men climb into a buggy in the driveway alongside the office shortly after muffled cries for help were heard coming from the building, and drive away at a furious pace around the corner of Cannon and Caroline streets. So far, the police have been unable to secure any clue to the identity of the mysterious pair, whose actions were so significantly suspicious, but the authorities are of the opinion that they could not have been in the building without Smith, McAuliffe and Scott, knowing of their presence at least, so even if the search for the two unknowns proves fruitless, the police expect to obtain at least a description of the pair when the three men held as material witnesses take the stand.


When interview yesterday at the office of the Crescent Oil company regarding the time that Harry Bell was summoned to the scene of the tragedy from her home. Mrs. Harry Smith absolutely refused to make any statement about the matter. Asked if she and Harry Bell were certain that the phone message from Asselstine was received at 11:40 that night she replied, “I do not think that it would be good taste for me to discuss that with the newspapers.”

“I thought you might be able to clear up the muddle about the time.” Observed the interviewer.

“Yes, there does seem to be a mix up about the time,” enigmatically agreed the lady.

“Did you or Mr. Bell specially note the time that the message was received?”

“I do not wish to be interviewed on the subject at all” smilingly answered Mrs. Smith.

According to the police, Mrs. Smith left the office at 8 o’clock Sunday evening, but if they have any confirmation of the hour of her departure or any evidence that she met any of the four men – Smith, Scott, McAuliffe or MacRobbie – there prior to her departure, they are as reticent on the subject as they are uncommunicative on the other points of the investigation.


One strange feature of the case is the fact that the neighbors living across the street from the office all claim that they did not notice MacRobbie, Scott, Smith or McAuliffe around the premises of the oil company on Sunday night, although they admit that they usually observe the regular daily routine of the place, and most of them were sitting out on their front steps or porches that evening.


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