May Determine Whether or Not Doctor’s Death Was Accidental

Quite Evident Police Have Not Accepted the Accident Theory

According to the authorities conducting the investigation into the mysterious death of Dr. MacRobbie, the medical evidence will be of great importance. The testimony of Dr. Parry and Langs, who performed the two post mortem examinations, is expected to establish beyond reasonable doubt whether the wounds which caused the doctor’s death were or were not the result of an accident. What this evidence will be is said to be known only to the doctors themselves and the crown attorney.

Dr. Jaffrey of the city hospital staff, the expert who analyzed the blood stains, has completed his tests of the two pools of blood found near the doctor’s head and the blood spots which were spattered on the objects all around the body, but he has not yet examined the stains on the molding found near the victim’s body.

That the medical evidence indicates that the tragedy was not the result of an accident is indicated by the fact that the police are still searching for and following clues based on other theories, although they will not definitely discard the accident theory unless the autopsy report shows clearly that the doctor’s death could not have been accidental.


At present the police are investigating information they have received to the effect that on the Saturday night preceding the tragedy Dr. MacRobbie won a large sum of money in a poker game. Efforts are being made to trace the movements of Dr. MacRobbie on that night and whether such a game took place.

If the police know who Dr. MacRobbie met or what he did after the was seen to enter the Royal Oak Hotel at the corner of Bay and Cannon streets, at 9 o’clock on the night of the tragedy, they are not divulging the information to the public.


As yet the police have not been successful in their attempt to trace the movements of Smith, Scott and McAuliffe from the time they returned to this city from Smith’s farm on Sunday afternoon to the hour when they were (according to Asselstine) found asleep near Dr. MacRobbie’s body. It is of great importance, according to the police, that it should be established whether or not they remained together during that interval or if any one of them was alone with Dr. MacRobbie before his body was found.


It is now known for a certainty that the inquiry will not be completed when the jury meets again on Friday night. There are twenty witnesses, including Asselstine and Bell, who will again be placed on the stand in the hope that a week’s reflection will have refreshed their memories, yet to be heard. The police has been busy serving subpoenas on the different witnesses, but it is not definitely known yet who will be called first.


The police have received a tip that one of the important witnesses in the case contemplates leaving the city. He is said to have confided to a friend that he was considering the advisability of leaving Hamilton for good. A close watch is being kept on this man and if he should attempt to get away, he will be arrested at once and held as material witness.


As the result of devoting much time to making enquiries regarding the movements of Walter Scott, Harry Smith and J. J. McAuliffe on the day of the tragedy, the police have learned that the three visited the Royal Oak hotel together, and that Dr. MacRobbie also called at the hotel, but not in company with the other three. The movements on Sunday, August 19th of the trio held as witness have been traced as far as Smith’s farm, to which they motored early Sunday evening, but what they did between the time of their return to the city and the time they were found lying asleep beside the dying doctor is still a mystery.


Detective Harry Sayer met Mrs. Smith, Harry Bell and Benjamin Fowler together in the office of the Crescent Oil company yesterday afternoon and questioned them about some points which were rather hazy and tangled. He did not state the result of his interview except that he hoped it would enable him to clear up the muddle about the time at which the tragedy was discovered. Personally he is satisfied that it was about midnight. According to the police there is no dearth of evidence, but the difficulty is to piece the tangled skein together in such a manner that it will make a connected and reasonable web in which to capture the truth of the night’s fatal events.


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