01/09/1917 - A GREAT JAM

Many Faked Into Inquest as Reporters

The interest in the MacRobbie case is very profound. It was manifest last night in the huge crown that tried to fight, jostle and shove its way into the courtroom. Both entrances to the police station were guarded by stalwarts who had a hot time trying to sift out the witnesses and the reporter. One policeman told a late arrival that he had let about 30 reporters in already, and he guessed that that was enough to give the affair some space. Every time that door was opened there was a desperate rush. Notwithstanding this, the courtroom was already filled to capacity. The crowd remained outside until quite late, as the inquest did not adjourn until 11 o’clock. Every time some favored one was allowed in, he was followed by many groans. But none were allowed in after eight o’clock as there were already people standing in the courtroom.


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