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     Sheena Snively 

    I believe Catherine MacRobbie was the killer. She lived a few blocks away, there was a horse drawn carriage “get away car” heard speeding away. Her comment about him staying out at night, not bothering her was a load of BS. Two kids at home and a husband that works all day, and stays out at night. This was a simple case of “Hell have no fury like a woman scorned”. I’m guessing she walked up the street found him partying or drunk and a domestic broke out. Maybe the other men were passed out? Maybe they weren’t there at the time. That’s why no blood was found on the men, because they didn’t do it. Also scratch marks on his neck? that aint no old timey man injury, back then, you get your dukes up. Scratches to me indicate a woman angry, because of a cheating husband. Maybe the baby he delivered (for free) was his love child. Okay maybe that’s literally reading two much into it. However don’t underestimate the scheming ways of an angry woman. Why did the uncovered grave stone just say Daddy? and Not Husband? …… Um cause Catherine killed him in cold blood, plain and simple. According to the national coalition against domestic violence 72% of murder suicides involve a partner in some way. Those are current stats but some of it must translate to 100 years ago. Catherine = Killer bottom line!


    Hmmmmmmm hell hath no fury.

    The articles seem to make her sound very upset over her husbands death. I spoke with her grand daugther tonight on the phone. Perhaps she can share some information about Mrs. Macrobbie!

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